11 years of Open Source and counting

Dear NextGIS users,

On this day exactly 11 years ago, NextGIS started its journey to create an easy-to-use and comprehensive set of software and services for working with geographic data. 

Over these years, we’ve been committed to Open Source as the primary approach to develop our own and community projects that we use. Starting as a small group of QGIS enthusiasts, we founded NextGIS on the idea that Open Source is the way to make sure our work lives on no matter what. 

We’ve been able to reach a few important milestones staying true to our principles:

  • Our main software stack is Open Source: Web, Mobile, and Desktop.
  • QuickMapServices, our public collection of services, reached 3.5 million downloads.
  • We’ve created our build system with 100+ CMake-adapted packages for geospatial libs and over 250 repositories on Github with apps, docs, tools, projects, scripts, and over 20 QGIS plugins.
  • We’ve contributed to GDAL, QGIS, Openlayers, Mapproxy, and many smaller projects.

Since the beginning we’ve been proud members of:

  • OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • QGIS sustaining members
  • Open Geospatial Consortium 

Every day of the past 11 years was a challenge for us as a small, independent, Open Source company, and we continue to depend on our customers and contributors to continue our work. We’d like to use this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you for your partnership and support. 

We have done a lot together, and a lot still remains to be done.

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Your NextGIS team

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