Metro4All for Warsaw

We updated Metro4All application with the accessibility data for Warsaw metro system , added Polish language support and made a lot of other improvements.

Now residents and visitors of the Polish capital are able to see how many obstacles they will encounter on each route through the subway and choose the most accessible one.


A few statistical outcomes from the data collcted in Warsaw:
– total number of routes – 304 (152 entrance routes and 152 exit routes);
– total number of elevators – 64;
– number of routes equipped with elevators – 200 (66% of total number);
– average number of steps for a route – 50;
– number of step-free routes – 105 (34,5%).

Also the application provides for the schemes of all stations of Warsaw metro. The schemes include the description of all barriers (stairs length, railings availability, width of turnstiles and doors, ramps slope, width of escalators and elevators) and subway exits directions:


Beside the data update Metro4All now includes the following new features:

Mobile app (the changes will be included in the next version):
– multi-language support added for both UI and data;
– schemes managing is improved (schemes for all stations added).

Web app:
– UI is improved – selection of entrance-exit and display of the calculated route are now made at one big interactive map;
– the route is calculated automatically after the start and final stations are chosen;
– buttons for quick shifting between map extents for entrance/exit selection are added.

Data collection and programming work took place in Warsaw from 23/04 till 27/04 and were supported by Fundacja ePaństwo.

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