InaSAFE is a free and opensource software package to formulate realistic scenarios of natural disasters to plan and prepare response. InaSAFE allows using data from scientific organizations, local authorities and agencies to analyse and assess the most probable scenarios of natural disasters. InaSAFE was named one the ten Rookie of the Year opensource projects in 2012.

InaSAFE was initiated by Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB). The project is funded by Government of Australia (AusAID) and World Bank-GFDRR (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery). The main developer of the project is Linfiniti Consulting.

NextGIS took part in developing InaSAFE.

Here is what we’ve done:

  • brought the code of the package and tests in accordance with API of QGIS 2.0, this allowed to use InaSAFE in QGIS >= 2.0;
  • added possibility to use layers in internal QGIS representation, this allowed users familiar with programming QGIS plugins to develop InaSAFE  plugins in familiar environment. Besides, the support of QGIS layers allows users to use not only vector data in ESRI Shapefile format and raster data in GeoTIFF, but any other formats supported by QGIS as well;
  • added possibility to use custom logos in reports;
  • developed new system for reports generation using custom templates. Now users can create their own templates and customize position of the elements in existing templates.
  • fixed number of bugs in InaSAFE and QGIS, sped up execution of certain functions (such as zonal statistics)

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