GDAL 2.0 is released, our contribution

About a week ago GDAL 2.0 was released. GDAL is an raster and vector formats abstraction library in which development we actively participate. There many new features in this release:

  1. Unified model for raster and vector data sources
  2. Curve geometries support
  3. Support for OGR field subtypes
  4. RasterIO() improvements : resampling and progress callback
  5. Support time with millisecond accuracy
  6. New vector (OGR) and raster (GDAL) drivers

We actively contributed to this version and among other things we’ve added:

  1. Extensive support for Remote sensing data metadata for: Alos, Eros, OrbView, Landsat, Pleiades, Resurs-DK1, Spot, Formosat and DigitalGlobe satellite products: QuickBird, WorldView-1,2,3, GeoEye-1, Ikonos.
  2. Support for ArcGIS Server REST API in WMS driver.

More about this release:

Source code:

  2. gdal-2.0.0.tar.gz
  3. gdal-2.0.0.tar.xz


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