Use custom SRS for length and area

New version of our Web GIS (NextGIS Web, is able to calculate areas and length in a custom spatial reference system right on your Web maps.

Thanks to latest changes you now can:

  • Calculate length and area in a needed projection;
  • Calculate length and area on a chosen ellipsoid.

This new functionality adds to already existing tools that use custom SRS.  Our Web GIS can:

  • get coordinates in needed SRS (common or custom ones);
  • export geodata in needed SRS;
  • get data in needed SRS via API;
  • and now also: calculate areas and length in needed SRS.

SRS definintions can be imported from Proj, Mapinfo, ESRI WKT and as EPSG code.

Read more about what you can do with custom SRS. Create your Web GIS to get started.


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