NextGIS wins 1st and 2nd place at Apps4Police Competition 2013

NextGIS entered its new  “Find a policeman” Android (v 3+) app in the Apps4Police competition and won in two categories, taking first place for our mobile app, and second place for the web-application.

Our “Find a policeman” app allows the user to quickly retrieve the phone number and name of the closest policeman, provided the device has a GPS unit. The app is completely autonomous after a one-time Internet- required download. The web application is the mobile app’s counterpart, also allowing the user to retrieve the phone number and name of the closest policeman, however, from the comforts of the user’s own home. The user enters his address, enabling each building and responsible policeman to be shown on the map around the entered address. It is possible to see buildings covered by several policemen, thus representing their ‘area of responsibility’.

The Apps4Russia competition promotes standards for working with open data, and contributes to the creation and establishment of social, managerial, and business projects. Since 2011, it has served as a platform for the exchange of valuable ideas and meaningful dialogue between talented Russian developers, leading experts in the field of WEB-development and investors.

A big thank you goes to the organizers of this fun competition from the developers on our team.

A detailed description of the tools can be found on this special page.

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