Ready-to-go tile cache for your server or app

Autonomous basemap for a given territory. Get a ready-to-use set of tiles for any territory.

Fill out the details or let us know which territory you want to get data for.

Specify your requirements

  • Tile type (raster or vector)
  • Tile size and format
  • Specification (TMS, slippy map)
  • Zoom levels and tiling zones

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Apply your own styles

  • You can define your own style for map features
  • Specify what types of objects should be rendered.
  • Specify the language.

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A case project

Customer requirements:

  • Refinement of style: 3-5 days
    — All labels in a specific language
    — Change the display levels of layers
    — Remove unnecessary layers
  • Generate tile cache: 15 days
    — Scale – world: levels 0-5
    — Scale – country-wide: levels 6-10
    — Scale – urban areas: levels 11-17
  • Format: PNG tiles, 256×256


Total tiles: 17 million
Data volume: 60 GB
Total duration or the project: 20 days
Total cost: ~$2.5К

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