Web Map Application «Situational map»

«Situational map» application is a web-based system for displaying administrative division of Russian Federation and showing summary data about progress of specific organizational activities.

The main element of the system is the three-level map of territorial division of the Russian Federation that contains information about:

  • Federal districts of Russian Federations;
  • administrative regions (oblasts, krays and republics);
  • regional subdivisions (rayons);

Administrative centers of appropriate objects are displayed according to the chosen level.

Main features:

  • Convenient navigation between levels, switching to the next level is carried out by click on the necessary object;
  • Tooltips;
  • Map gives possibility of placing of the database driven graphic elements-indicators connected to district, region and area;
  • Switching between levels the query sends to application server for obtain the actual data about indicators;

The system is built on OpenLayers.

Situational map

The system is optimized for iPad

Situational map ipad

For testing navigation part of application go: https://nextgis.ru/demo/korus/