NextGIS QGIS Future

Ever wished to use QGIS with the latest GDAL taking advantage of its latest improvements? Now there is a way. We’re glad to offer our new QGIS build – NextGIS QGIS Future (download). This build is special as it is using the latest version of GDAL (1.11).

For obvious reasons, QGIS developers are careful at adopting new GDAL versions. As a result, it doesn’t matter how fresh is your QGIS installer, you won’t have there the support of new formats such as SXF and OpenFileGDB.

NextGIS QGIS Future is using latest GDAL release. Thanks to that the while adding new layer you will also find SXF (“Panorama SXF”) and OpenFileGDB (data source type – directory, name – “OpenFileGDB”).



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