NextGIS Mobile SDK v3, iOS

We are happy to present version 3 of our mobile SDK!

Gradually we’ll be moving all our mobile apps to this SDK. Among important new features:

  • Reading formats supported by GDAL/OGR. No more unneeded conversion, mobile apps now read GeoTIFF and Shapefile directly.
  • Working with large datasets as fast as on desktop. In our test apps we deal with hundreds of thousands features.
  • Fast and energy efficient GPU rendering. Rendering is tile-based, vector layer can have simplified geometries for set scales to speed up large datasets visualization.
  • Advanced styling – fill and border color, but also symbols and markers for points.
  • OAuth2 for data access support, network requests are dealt with by using internal curl independent from OS limitations.
  • Support for feature attachments (images, documents, video and audio).
  • Editing vector data with changes logging.
  • Support for reprojection to any CRS supported by Proj4/GEOS/GDAL.
  • New memory layers are convenient for working with data requested from outside (geocoders etc.).
  • Base storage format is now GeoPackage.

Today we’re releasing our SDK for iOS, SDK includes:

Read more about our new SDK in documentation.

You can find demo projects built on this SDK here.

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