news #3. Mobile support, embedding maps and much more

We have a lot of exciting updates which will make your Web GIS at even more powerful!

Mobile support

Newest release of NextGIS Mobile 2.4 introduces support for Now you can easily:

  • Get layer data from
  • Edit and sync edits
  • Send attached photos to your Web GIS
  • Get web maps as a single layer composition
  • … and much more!

Download NextGIS Mobile


Drag and drop

You can now use drag and drop to add layers to your Web GIS.

Embedding and sharing

We’re back with a lot of exciting updates which will make your Web GIS at even more powerful!

Now you can easily get an embed code for your web map in just a few clicks. You can then use this code to add your map to a website or blog. The map will be live, so any changes you make for your layers will get reflected on your website or blog. Preview is also available.

Less tools?!

We’ve decided that having a special tool for viewing info about objects on the map (identification) is unneccessary and got rid of it. Now you can identify objects simply by clicking on them, no special tool required!

More tools!

Ever lost a layer on the map? It happens and it’s normal when layer extent differs greatly from extent of the map. With new ‘Zoom to layer’ tool you have a way to find your layer instantly.

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