Our contribution to GDAL Library, Version 1.10

In addition to development and documentation, we reinvest in the projects around which we build our business; contributions are used to benefit the projects we support. Our most recent contribution was to the GDAL library, Version 1.10, which was released on April 29, 2013:

NextGIS developer, Dmitriy Baryshnikov,  integrated GSOC 2012 Image Correlator into GDAL.

We added nearest neighbor and cubic interpolation of DEMs in GDALRPCTransform (#3634). The user can set RPC_DEMINTERPOLATION to “near,” “bilinear,” or “cubic” to interpolate the input DEM file which is set in RPC_DEM. The default interpolation is bilinear.

To set needed bands for integration into the created virtual raster (#4992), we added  -b flag in the gdalbuildvrt utility.

So the user can choose bands used in the creation overview, we added -b flag in gdaladdo. While developing this feature, we fixed segfault in HFAAuxBuildOverviews with selected bands (#4976).

The TIL driver was fixed to utilize overviews from origin rasters (#3482). We also added setting projections and geotransformation for TILDataset from origin rasters.

Details can be found at http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/Release/1.10.0-News

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