Support program “Bugfixing”

This support program is aimed at organizations – active GIS users, who need to fix specific bugs in NextGIS QGIS/NextGIS Manager, NextGIS Web, NextGIS Mobile and who does not require other support features, such as training.

Purchase of this support program gives you access to 50 nominal developer hours which you can spend on fixing bugs in software.

Bugfixing works like this:

  1. You provide description of the bug, that we are able to recreate.
  2. We assess number of hour needed for fixing this bug and discuss it and the solution with you.
  3. You comfirm the fixing plan.
  4. We fix the bug and provide you with new version of the software.

Price: 2500 USD for one year.

Support program starts when contract is signed. Developer hours expire when year of the contract are over. You can increase amount of hours that you need with increment of 50, but support program duration is always one year.