“Base” support program

This support program is designed for new users of GIS and organizations who need just the basic features and basic level of the support. Number of supported users – 3.

This program supports the following software packages: NextGIS QGIS/NextGIS Manager, NextGIS Web, NextGIS Mobile, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GDAL. The cost is calculated per product, i.e. if you need both NextGIS Mobile and NextGIS Web, you need to multiply by 2.

This support program does not include development hours and is not aimed at fixing bugs or adding functionality to products mentioned above.

Support specialist is keeping track of hours, hours can be redistributed.

Support program includes:

Installation and upgrade

We will install software on clients hardware and perform updates.

5 hours

Access to updates

Access to software updates for the duration of the support program. Trial version available from this website are typically few months behind in updates.

Training course for 1-3 people

Training is conducted in the customer’s office and includes theoretical and practical sections.

6 hours

Two instruction manuals to address a specific problem

Up to two specific solutions can be documented as step-by-step tutorials.

6 hours

Support via email

Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions about software during business hours.

Requests limit is 1 per day. Typical answer workload is 0.25, 0.5 hours.

20 hours

One 3-hours consulting session at your location

Personal communication and consulting are irreplaceable way to complete understanding of customer’s problems. We will be happy to personally advice you on your projects, explain complex technical issues or just show how something works.

Cost: 1500 USD for six months, total 40 support hours.