NextGIS Manager

NextGIS Manager is a desktop application for managing geodata. Unlike NextGIS QGIS NextGIS Manager is not designed for geodata creation but for package operations with it. Right now NextGIS Manager is in beta.

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You can read documentation (Russian-only for now) or download it as a single file (PDF).

NextGIS Manager allows:

  • explore geodata sources (folders, zip-archives, rasters, vectors, PostGIS etc.);
  • view geodata itself as a map or attribute table;
  • create geodata sources (folders, database connections, database schemes, web-sources connections – TMS and NextGIS Web);
  • copy, rename, remove geodata;
  • export between formats;
  • work in NextGIS Web: create resources, search, import vector and raster geodata with NGW limitations, upload geodata, text and archives as regular files with drag’n’drop.

This software is a platform for our development projects geared for specific requirements and thus it can lack some functionality including basic stuff.

Source code

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