Our address: Office 201, 23B bld. 20 Novaya Basmannaya street, Moscow, 107078, Russia

From metro station “Krasnye Vorota” take Exit 2 (to Novaya Basmannaya street). Cross the street by the traffic light, turn left and cross the street once again. Turn right and follow along Krasnovorotsky proezd, the overpass and Novaya Basmannaya street.


From metro station “Komsomolskaya” take Exit 4 or 12 (to Kazansky railway station). Facing Kazansky railway station turn right and walk round the railway station. Cross Novoryazanskaya street, then follow along Ryazansky proezd till you reach Novaya Basmannaya street, then turn left.

Follow along Novaya Basmannaya street. After the Central Customs building (23 bld. 1) turn left and go through the arch. Ahead of you, on the right side you’ll see a one-storey grey building with a porch. Enter it and call our office to inform us about your arrival. Our internal phone number is 1397.

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