NextGIS QGIS is a fully-featured desktop GIS based on QGIS and used for data creation, editing, map-making and geoprocessing.

QGIS is under active development by international community which we’re happy to be a part of. NextGIS team have created lots of QGIS plugins and became one of the first QGIS sponsors. We’re contributing to the core since 2008.

Buy with support Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Mac OS X


How NextGIS QGIS is different from mainstream QGIS:

  • different packaging and installation process;
  • integrated set of popular and useful С++ and Python plugins developed by NextGIS (e.g. QuickMapServices);
  • extended functionality, added by NextGIS and currently not available in the original QGIS;
  • integration with and NextGIS Mobile;

Source code for the current version.

Report a bug (Github account is needed)

Why subscribe?

To use all NextGIS QGIS capabilities we recommend you sign up for one of our Plans. What you’ll get:

  • Supported version with extended functionality
  • Access to updates
  • Bug-fixing
  • Direct support

By signing up you also get access to a full range of NextGIS products! Read more.

7 Responses to NextGIS QGIS

  1. Jim O'Leary says:

    Your Metatools plugin in QGIS has three profiles in the settings dialog:

    – bv_profile
    – csir_sac_profile
    – csir_sas_profile_gmd
    Can you explain what these profiles are? I am going to use Metatools in an upcoming course in my program

  2. Salomo_ says:

    Dear NextGIS team,
    you have written the tool “QuickMapServices” as an extension to QGIS – to load freely available topographic maps. One can load e.g. OpenStreetMap without problems. But it is impossible to load OpenTopoMap, although it appears in the extensions menu, and although the the layer name appears in the layer window on the left, in addition a message appears: “0 files downloaded, 16 cashes hit”. But the map window remains empty. Could you friendly eliminate the error? – Thank you very much!

  3. Calin says:

    I have installed nextgis for Mac and it doesn’t show up anywhere. When I try to install again. It says the folder already exists. I can’t delete it and I can’t install it again.

    • You can enter in spotlight “qgis-ng” or use launchpad where qgis launch icon exists (blue shield with Q letter). To update or uninstall the software use nextgisupdater application (also present in spotlight and launchpad).

  4. qgisdz says:

    I have installed nextgis for linux and it close it self when i import a vector layer I try to install again. the same problem exists.

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