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NextGIS Mobile is a mobile GIS for Android that lets you create, edit and export geodata, working both online and offline.

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NextGIS Mobile works on smartphones and tablets under Android 2.3 and above.

NextGIS Mobile allows to:

  • display multi-layer map (layers can come from online and offline sources);
  • change visibility and layers order;
  • navigate the map (panning, zoom in, zoom out);
  • collect data in the field;
  • edit vector data (both geometries and attributes) online and offline;
  • record tracks;
  • display coordinates, speed, elevation etc.

You can read documentation or download it as a single file (PDF).

NextGIS Mobile also serves as a platform for our custom software development projects.

Source code for the current version.

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To use all NextGIS Mobile capabilities we recommend you sign up for one of our Plans. What you’ll get:

  • Supported version with extended functionality
  • Access to updates
  • Bug-fixing
  • Direct support

By signing up you also get access to a full range of NextGIS products! Read more.

33 Responses to NextGIS Mobile

  1. Dayan says:

    Hi This will be a good application. I have used the application for field works. But during the visit the application crash several time. I’m using Samsung Galaxy tab 5s for this.
    Do You have iPhone app of nextgis?

  2. mahshid says:

    hi,i need like this in my android i can do it?

  3. Pfunzo Rammbuda says:

    what is the recommended phone for accurate data collection?

  4. Sanjoy Kumar Barman says:

    Hello, I need satellite view in my app. Is it possible to implement if I use NextGIS SDK for my android project?

  5. Ian says:

    Does the app have offline collection and sync? I’m looking for an ArcGIS Online/Collector alternative, band what about field menu dropdown lists?

    • Dmitry Baryshnikov says:

      Yes. The geodata from your Web GIS on can be synced with NextGIS Mobile. Offline editing is also available.

  6. Arnaud says:

    Hi, on phones with high resolution, we need to zoom on the last layer (16th or 18th usually) to be able to read the details, but zooming looks for the next layer which doesnt exist.
    Could you implement a digital zoom on the last available layer ?

  7. Jan Langr says:

    Hi, there is no way to activate a camera from NextGIS Mobile running on Android 7 (in contrary of Android 6 or older) to be able to add attachment to the vector feature. Are you planning to fix it? Thanks.

  8. Maruli says:

    Can we connect the Next GIS Mobile to our receiver?

    • Sorry, but the question is too general. The answer will depend on specifics. Usually you don’t need to connect NGM to a receiver. Receiver connects to Android OS and NGM simply consumes new location provider.

  9. Jesse Lawrence says:

    Hello, any idea on when this may be available for iPhone as well? Can an iPhone user still view the map on an internet browser?

    • Yes, iPhone user (and any other) can see the Web map in the browser. NextGIS Mobile is being rewritten for iPhone currently and there is progress, but we won’t be able to provide dates.

  10. Amanda Miner says:

    Do you know if I can successfully pair NextGIS Mobile with an external GNSS receiver? We currently use a Trimble R1 device with RTX Satellite subscription.

    • Hello, Mobile uses location that OS (Android) provides. So, if it is possible to plug in your receiver to your device to make location provided by Trimle available to OS then yes, NGM will be able to use it.

  11. Radim says:

    I am using free version of NextGIS Mobile.
    Simple question:¨
    how can I view attributes of displayed features (I mean the basic “i” info/identify tool)?

    Thanks for hint!

  12. Radim says:

    == Line labeling ==
    When I set labeling for line layer, the result is unexpected: label is placed even several times along line. I think less means more sometimes: it would be great to have an option to display label just ONCE on the line in the settings.

    • Hi Radim, yes this is not very convenient at the moment and we have a plan to improve it. Recently we’ve added extended styling for points for example. Sign up to our plans to help us move it forward!

  13. Adebayo says:

    Hello, please would love to make use of this app for a large based project, can we make a custom app taliored for the project.

  14. Diya says:

    can we use WMS as a layer?

  15. Kevin says:

    I have the next error compilingthe open source
    Error:Project :app declares a dependency from configuration ‘compile’ to configuration ‘default’ which is not declared in the descriptor for project :maplibui.

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