Address: Vavilova, 41, office 2, Moscow, Russia 117312 (first entrance, call 2B at the door, first floor, door on the right)

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Directions from different subway stations:

1. From “Leninsky prospect” – any tram towards Cheremushkinsky market (rynok)/”Universitet” subway station until «Ulitsa Gubkina» stop – cross the tram ways.

2. From “Academicheskaya” – about 700 meters/10 min by foot – see map above.

3. From “Oktyabskaya” (ring) – any trolleybus or bus until «Univermag Moskva» stop, cross Leninsky prospect and follow Gubkina street until Vavilova street, cross it.

4. From “Universitet” – trams № 39 and 14 until «Ulitsa Gubkina» stop – see 3 from there.

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